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I need some advice and answers for Season 3...

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I occasionally come back after every once in awhile except nowadays everyone is in the endgame raids which I have yet to get to and hopefully have fun with other players again.
I play sword lann and take a dark souls approach to this game which is hit and run so I take my time but get the job done eventually.
I have 12.7k att which I assume is low for Season 3 and I also die in about 3-5 hits but I just chug countless potions out of my arse while running which is how I got up to this point.
I use infinity twin swords which I recall to have higher crit chance compared to other swords I could be using. I still don't crit often enough that I can reliably stay close until it procs so I can glide-fury my way to safety outside the boss' next attack.
I'm not a hardcore player who maximizes on buffs(hot-spring >_>) and endure RNG for perfect loot(Upgrades/Enchants that destroy gear).
I've already leveled up most of the cast of characters to about lv60-70 and can't continue leveling them up any further up to my Lann because of that braindead feeling.
I'm do not intend to ask for ingame help for one of you tp carry me because we'd have to make appointments and I am not good at showing up on time.

My problem with Season 3 is the trash bosses and their debuffs that increase as the battle drags on and can only be removed with secondary items or throwing random terrain objects at them but that latter option is very unsafe and unlikely. I've just recently gotten past the first wood elf boss that I was stuck on for about half a year now. It gave me hell due to the fact that his debuff reduced my defense to the point he can nearly one-shot me and take note that I don't dodge every attack successfully and that they have a dumb red flicker effect that hits me even in my invulnerability frames which ruin the whole point of being Lann AND that the debuff at the max power starts to lower my hp gradually to 1 so I'm constantly chuggin potions until I'm at a safe amount to engage incase I take a hit. I've gotten past him just recently after about 30 minutes of running around him and tickling him to death while using 5 graces and 100+ potions of several types. I'm at the 2nd area now and I expect the same debuff but...it reduces my Att now... I just gave up and accepted defeat. If any of you played dark souls then you know how the theme is being resilient against defeat and trying again and again. The fact that I've lost hope in defeating the 2nd trash boss is really clear in my hopelessness.

My questions are...How did you guys get past this? Super-geared? Had to go with a team/stronger player? Used Transformation Lv2?(I still don't have that after 3+ years of playing my Lann because I am way too conservative about its usage lol) Not using Lann because you didn't watch Sword Art Online? Used Cheesy Kai because you played too much Call of Duty and he was the closest thing? Spin2Win? Still not getting past this? You're the best and most hardcore player in the world? Hacks? Had your older brother do it for you? Pay2Win? Just took it deep and real hard but made it through in the end? Are you aware that I'm taking a light-hearted approach to these questions because I'm broken inside already? Please give me insight (T^T)


  • elcausaelcausa
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    12.7k att is really low for s3 stuff, is going to take a lot of time and a lot of skill to solo, better is to do it with a team, it can even be a 12k att team it doesn't matter, back when we had the lvl up events at some point those king of parties were really common, what is needed is team work, take turns with the chain hooks, you chain the leg, boss falls and rolls in the ground while the rest of the party plummets it, it also removes the debuff, that's the easier way to do it with low att
  • SleepyHollowSleepyHollow
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    Definitely get up the attack/different gear.

    Err, honestly it takes good gear to do it on your own. Atleast a decent weapon. Otherwise you'll just glass cannon. They give lots of opportunities for decent gear now. Just depends on your dedication I suppose.
  • ikeviikevi
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    I would highly suggest getting purple (or even blue) lv 90 gear. (assuming you hit lv 90). If you haven't, at least upgrade to the free lv 80 gear that is going on with the traveler's box /level up event.
  • KiwaKiwa
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    Hi, you should take advantage of this vindictus.nexon.net/news/16732/level-up-boost-event If you haven't already, free enchanted +9 80 Gear and Weapons, the 60 box gives out free enchanted accessories, this might help you out a lot. As @ikevi mentioned, you could use this free gear, and work towards upgrading slowly to 90 Orange gear if you'd like. This will enable you to do S1/S2 raids easily enough without much issue and get Seals of Bravery to purchase Orange materials from the Seal shop without breaking your bank.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    You should have access to the level up event gear from the Mysterious Traveler right now. I believe including the scrolls on them the swords that are in the level 80 gear box would have 43 crit, and the attack boost you'd get compared to infinities would help immensely. You'll still die in 3-5 hits with the event armor because S3 just has really high damage and crit, though. Lots of gimmicks in s3 content are made to oneshot you from full hp regardless of def as well.

    As for how I got by at that point, my mains were equipped with decent level 80 gear (nearing season 2 stat caps) when season 3 started so I was more or less on even ground with anyone who was endgame at the time - we had to coordinate our secondaries to make sure the boss debuffs didn't advance beyond level 2 and would still get absolutely wrecked by Enkidus almost every time, it was great.
  • jjXjjX
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    I fully understand your feeling.
    When leveling up my characters I focused on living, taking my time, reacting like Dark Souls, trying to play the video game.
    Then S3 slapped me across the face.

    The curse status effect is the most unfun status effect in the entire game, worse than dullness or weakness.
    You know what it is? It's a DPS check. "THOU SHALT FINISH IN 5MIN OR NOT AT ALL."

    Don't feel bad about this at all. Treat S3 differently from the rest of Vindictus. Bring a buddy. Bring chain hooks: aim for the legs. Do normal mode => more chain hooks.
    Take solace in the fact that you'll never have to do it again.