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Parasol Mechanics Speculation

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So, I'm bored and wanted to theorycraft some potential mechanics to how Lynn's Secondary: The Parasol/Umbrella, will work.

0. Almost given that she may have a block consisting of her holding the parasol open in front of her or two handed closed parasol block kind of like how Delia blocks.

1. Lynn's glaive was her offensive weapon, the parasol is her defensive [A possibility | 6/10]

Think along the lines of a mix between Fiona and Sword Vella; she relies on blockinng and counterattacking. I haven't played either class personally but you get what I'm getting at. Also I think that maybe she would get special buffs from blocking/countering, that would consist of her main mechanic.


2. Parasol "stances" [High Possibility | 8/10]

I'm not too sure how Pillar Karok's modes work all too well, so for my sake, think Bow Kai. There are two stances to her parasol: Open and Closed. Potentially with an open parasol, she is more defensive, and with a closed one, more offensive. Or a different take would be: she gets the usual LLLR type combat, but the smashes animation/range/effect changes. Perhaps open is more wide but weak and closed is precise but strong, for example.


3. Sylas [Sadly likely | 7/10]

Relies somewhat on one combo to be most optimal in damage, could have been a lot better. BUT! Lynn has boobs so we can hope for a bit more effort. BUT 2x! It's seems it would be/was worked on at the same time as Miri, so we could get shafted...


4. Self Stacks [Somewhat a Possibility | 5/10]

Normally Lynn places stacks on her enemy, with the parasol now they go on her. These 'stacks' could be used for burst damage similar to the usual Lynn/Scythe Evie or it could be Sylas-like where she gets buffs from hitting enemies. Or, even more far-fetched, she can adapt a mechanic similar to Ara from Elsword. For those who don't know: Basically gain some 'stack' that allows you to use certain attacks/skills, that cost a certain amount of 'stacked' stuff. OR! Using up stacks changes smashes/sp skills to a more flashy/gives buff/gives debuff/range/damage attack.


5. Combo character [Not Likely | 3/10]

Basically makes Lynn a character that just keeps on attacking non-stop from skill to skill. I know that's almost all characters in theory, but I mean some legit comboing. RIP dps on fast bosses.

I'm out of ideas, I did this in one go, spare me.