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Cant launch the Game, cause it is alleged not load

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I downloaded the Game and save it at Partition D, cause C has not enough Space. However, after the Download i start the Launcher, at the Bottom there ist a blue Button called "Start". I press this Button and the Game starts. So far so good. The thing ist, that this will work only three or four Times. Then I start the Launcher an then the blue Button does not say "Start", but it says "download". Although i did not change anything, the Game says that there ist no download. How could this be? I uninstalled the Game and the Launcher for severel Times, but it is alwasy the same: it works for a few starts and then I have to Download the Game again, befor I can play. But that´s not acceptable. I can´t Download 15 GB for very three Times i want to play the Game. What ist the Matter? Does anyon have an Idea?


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    Sorry for the late response.
    After clicking download, a pop up should appear asking where you want to download the game.
    When this appears just change the download location to the current location of the game, once that happens, the launcher will verify the files and only download the patch that caused the issue (a few MB).