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Why Ceara?


  • Question2Question2
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    Things you could do as Gallagher :

    -Solo a special dream version of the white tyrant (he claims to have soloed white tyrant in hoarfrost hollow)

    -Show the rookies how its done

    -Flirt with Shayla

    -Battle Ferghus in the hot spring

    -Save Rocheste from Muir (in his dreams)

    Skys the limit.
  • IngkellsIngkells
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    why ceara? because thats just how they felt like writing it. coulda been anyone honestly. ive known for years she fights like a fio, but its disappointing they didnt make her unique in any way, unless u count having fewer moves. whats the point in playing an npc if they play just like an available character? thats not fun, its lazy. not saying it has to be flashy or creative, just different.

    what npcs would be better? if the story could not be changed and it had to a be a redhead, shayla seems like a rogue type, so dagger maybe. kirstie is a hunter, may or may not use a bow, but then i dont wanna play a second kai either. essylt is a weaponsmith, so she could do anything. or if it the story was open to any npc: brynn seems like an elemental (based on this patch). nyle is some sort of dark wizard if u remember the scene where gwynn dies. keaghan would fight like keaghan obviously, but they would probably consider that overpowered for those quests. muir could either be a brawler like his monster form, or possibly fight like his son lugh, but again that would be overpowered. krunk would probably use a giant hammer like other ogres. brakis with his one arm and that broom for a weapon would be more fun than the second fio we got. maybe fence with it, or spear (a real life spear, twin spears arent spears), or just sweep mobs under a rug. milo would just simply eat the floor like ellis. ashers weird, hed using something like a trident. trystan or whateverhisfaceis could be a pyro with that cigar hes always chomping on, or maybe a prompush clone. berbhe npcs probably wouldnt work for the story since they already know where the character is. idk if riley is faking his illness or not. either hed fight like brynn, or just use those slingshots and axes we gave him. ferghus would use the hammer. i mean, fio has one too, but hed have like a drunk fist style. most unexpected would be ernmass, throwing stacks of mail like shurikens or use a packing tape whip. he wouldnt even be hard to write in, he misses the oracle more than just about anyone. tl;dr, just.... anything that isnt a clone of a character we have would have been better
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    She stabbed Nel. I'm still like WTFMATE