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Havan Solo Update/88 attack speed

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6:26 Clear.Will try another time to see how far it can go.I currently use +15 Terminus Sentinel Phantom Daggers and have 83 Attack Speed.I used a+5 attack speed coupon so i had 88 attack speed in that video:

I went from 53 to 72,now im at 83 and should eventually be able to reach 94 once i get +4 extra balance...will update further once i get there.I would say that not having a speed booster like some other classes(Reaper/Awakening/Slashing High-Blade of Heart,ect),makes it a little more complex to solo *fast* but it's still manageable.Nothing too concerning if you really enjoy this character.

I did not use any bath buff,stamina pot or stimulants to give a raw idea of the character's potential.

I should technically be able to lower that timing eventually since i did a 6:30 run with +12 daggers@72 att speed not so long ago.Will post when i do so.