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Lynn's best attack for a one-shot kill?

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For the latest event I've been doing hero dailies and trying to one-shot kill the boss. Usually I have full SP by the time I arrive at the boss. What is Lynn's best attack for a one-shot kill? Is Jade Fox with an immediate flying snow the most damage I can do in one move?

Roughly, what is the damage difference between flying sow and jade fox/flying snow?


  • SekaiizSekaiiz
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    3 Bar Flying Snow does 1.2 dmg multiplier

    JF Flying snow does a base of 0.53 and increases with each SP bar.

    1 SP bar JF Flying snow = 0.53 *2
    2 SP bar JF Flying snow = 0.53 *3
    3 SP bar JF Flying snow = 0.53 *4 etc.

    So a full bar JF Flying snow deals about 0.53* 6 = 3.15 dmg multiplier which is about 35k dmg no crit.

    JF Flying Snow 5 sp bar is your best bet.

    Source: https://vindictus-hd.blogspot.com/2014/07/character-formulas-multipliers-lynn.html
  • Order5Order5
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    Lynn doesn't really have any one-shot moves. As Sekaiiz said, Jade Fox Flying Snow does the most damage in a single move, but you're more likely to kill your target if you use Long-Armed Devil before Flying Snow. The knockback from Jade Fox Flying Snow will often push the boss out range for the rest of the damage to land, and the Zhen Swift Assassin from Long Armed Devil will give you greater damage for your SP.