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How can we save this game?

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One way is by providing feedback and ideas for improvement. The following is a list to help bring in new players, promote the game, and enhance game play. Let me know which ideas you like and/or dislike. If you'd like, please also suggest some other ways on how to make this game better.

1. Recruiter Program - Incentive for players to invite friends and receive benefits when they level up. Obtain even more rewards if they bring back inactive old players.

2. Database Calculator - Allows players to compare different combinations and types of equipment in order to optimize for best stats.

3. Nexon Mobile App - Connect with players, message friends to go online, complete free NX Offers, access forums, and receive news/updates about upcoming events.

4. Remove NX Cash Expiration, Level Penalty, Durability & Repair System, and Cool-down for SP Skills.

5. EXP Capsule - Players can store percentage of EXP gained from battles in capsules and sell/trade it once it's full.

6. Trade Feature - Allows players to send trade requests face-to-face, and trade items for other items and/or gold.

7. Naval Battles - Teams load up cannons and ballista to fire them at enemy ships until they sink.

8. Weekly Guild Competions - Guilds compete in PvP, fastest raid clearing times, most fish caught in Ibs, and most labyrinth floors cleared events for rewards and GP.

9. Annual PVP Tournaments - 1v1/Team PVP: Live Coverage on Youtube, Cash Prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. Promotional Event to gain potential players and sponsors.

10. Nexonicon - Annual Convention for all Nexon Games. Sell tickets, host game tournaments, costume, drawing, or dancing contests, open Q&A Panels, hire food and merchandise vendors, and give out free stuff like t-shirts, hats, posters, pens, and phone cases.


  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    1. sounds nice on paper, could be exploitable, bringing back players is one thing, but retaining a population is another
    2. these have been created but have been deemed a violation of ToS by Nexon, and has shut most if not all of them down. hopefully they wise up and undo the damage
    3. i dont know if nexon wants to invest in a mobile app that won't serve more than what their websites and games already do and adding on that other websites/3rd party apps already do this in a more convenient way
    4. Im not sure what you mean by NX Cash Expiration. the other things should be elaborated on but I doubt any of that will change
    5. I like this idea, because it's in other games I play, specifically Dungeon Fighter, except you cant trade it but you can send it an alt. They should do this with AP instead since we have an AP cap for whatever reason
    6. 2017 and no trade function, but devcat probably has reasons for not including it yet
    7. sounds cool, but if executed poorly it will be another waste of content that no players will do once it gets boring. an example of this already happened in Black Desert Online
    8. could be seen in the future imo
    9. i like pvp and all but vindictus pvp sucks ass, hope devcat reworks it
    10. as for hosting an event/convention i dont think they have the funds to do so or popularity to do it. and if they did the risk is too high. best to expose yourself at an already established event

    yes providing feedback and ideas for improvement is a good way to help the game, but it depends on the publisher itself to communicate with its customers. how do we know our suggestions are even getting passed on? is there a format we have to submit in order for it to be properly addressed? The player base cries and begs for better game mechanics but most of the time it falls on deaf ears or takes way too long to be implemented. by the time changes occur the population has already reduced to a fraction of what it was and thats how games slowly fade away. proper communication is key.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    We cant . The end is near :/
  • SeigakuSeigaku
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    How can't we save the game*

    The least they can do is to be freaking doing strong advertising, and not sitting on their asses waiting for new players to be magically appear out of thin air.

    More players in the server are my best motivation to keep playing, and I reckon most people have at least shared the same feeling.
  • MokutonMokuton
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    This game wouldn't need to be saved if Nexon actually did their job. They are not going to spend money to advertise because they know they can't retain new players. If Supply Depot Prices were not so overpriced and if they actually listened to their players, maybe they wouldn't be in the situation they're in now.

  • RhapsodyOfFireRhapsodyOfFire
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    Mokuton wrote: »
    This game wouldn't need to be saved if Nexon actually did their job. They are not going to spend money to advertise because they know they can't retain new players.

    That's the point. But they can't retain players because of the game's basic design.

    Since i can't speak for everyone, if i ever quit the game entirely these will be the reasons:

    1. The so popular RNG

    2. Highly restricted market: It's difficult to make gold besides scroll farming even with my always full inventory that has a few worthy stuff that i can't sell or i need to invest in unbinds to sell them (need gold or real money that are not just small fees to sell something for gold in a game, wtf?)

    3. Difficult to get high-end gear (not top gear): Playing for 2-3 hours a day (count in the waiting times on boats) it's impossible to decently enjoy the end-game contents (if there is any worthy content) without spending real money or spending a year to make my gear ready for them (this is just insane comparing it to MMO's like Tera in which i could make a high-end gear in half a year playing at the same rate and amount)

    4. Highly fluctuating prices: When i started my lann back in September 2011 i made a high-end gear in a year (+10 dw and dc set) or at least it was way enough to beat the new raids and i could make some money after. But every time they make new contents, the stuffs in the old contents become even more worthless, that's because they usually make new gear obtaining a completely independent process from the previous gear obtaining processes (for example the Regina, Terminus, Braha, Lugh sets that introduced completely new mats and way of obtaining and forced you to farm the S3 dungeons)

    5. Latency and synchronization issues: Latency can be an issue in every online game i understand but when you press the keys in order and the result is the reverse then you know there's a problem. For example when there's a small latency and you use fiona's heavy stander sometimes it does a dodge instead of going into stander. I worked around this issue by pressing the keys somewhat slower. The same happens for Arisha's Ruin Blade for example where the key release counts but even if you pressed the keys exactly it sometimes fails

    6. Performance issues: You need a high-end PC to play this game smoothly even on low graphic settings

    7. Bugs: Sometimes these originate from synchronization issues but sometimes it's just lazy programming

    8. Unnecessary annoying things: I know it adds to the epicness when the screen gets blurry (with motion blur turned off) and the camera starts shaking. It's a feature that is intended to simulate a little bit of reality (probably for a hand-held camera because your eyes can follow a fixed point to reduce distortion) and when it's done for no reason just to make the fight look more fast-paced and epic then it has no place in the game

    Mokuton wrote: »

    As for the questing, i read all the dialogue in S1 when i started the game but the visual novel kind of story-telling alone didn't make me read the rest of the dialogues in S2 and S3. However many games especially 2D games use that idea but i think the best so far for me was this one:

    Fun fact: They wanted to make in-game cutscenes but ended up making those extended visual novel cutscenes (starting from 1:03) because of deadline of the release of the DLC that i think turned out even better. The story of the game isn't something unique, maybe unique on its own but the story telling was 10/10 for me that made me be interested in it.
  • MokutonMokuton
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    Yup, bad drop rates and low success rates do not help. Really wish there was more of a story to Vindictus. It's so repetitive when you make a new character. We should at least some varying character plots or maybe character specific cutscenes and dialogues. Would it hurt to throw some flashbacks about the character's past? Maybe it could trigger after certain quests, boss fights, or fulfilling secret conditions. I'd even read Vindictus comics just for more story context.

    Castlevania had some really good features. I've only played lords of shadow but it hooked me right in; nice graphics, gameplay, and an appealing story.

    Have you played any of the Legacy of Kain Series games? IMO, the first Soul Reaver was the best one out of the entire series:

    If we can have more boss fights where we have to think, lure bosses to traps, and use our surroundings/environment to defeat bosses maybe things would be more interesting. Learning attack patterns, dodging, and dealing damage will only go so far until they become repetitive again. We need something new and different; not just higher difficulties and challenges where bosses have more hp, def, and stronger attacks.
  • PorcedduPorceddu
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    More redeemers bosses with difficult similiar to neamhain would be nice for endgame content. Something challenging that requires more than 1 week or 2 of practice.
  • MokutonMokuton
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    Porceddu wrote: »
    More redeemers bosses with difficult similiar to neamhain would be nice for endgame content. Something challenging that requires more than 1 week or 2 of practice.

    Yeah, I completely agree. It's too bad they took a step in the wrong direction and decided to make everything a lot easier.
  • RealGenobeeRealGenobee
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    I would argue the rather old engine plays a huge part. It simply doesn't run well. When the first thing you experience is lag you don't want to come back again. Another is a general lack of basic features in-game.

    From my perspective as a player who never managed to really stick around what you suggest just isn't what I'd care about at all. The fact what I see out of the gate is so rough is the problem. The engine isn't able to keep pace with the game. There are only a few basic options with things like my nameplates being forced on (my teammates aren't however.. what? o.O). It is really frustrating to deal with all those minor annoyances. Then it is topped off by combat being slow to get difficult, feeling like anything before 70+ is generally a bland grind.
  • Failx46Failx46
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    How about not failing to Enchant or Enhance 46 times in a row.