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[Evie Cast] - Alt+2 cast the wrong safed skill

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Description of the issue:
Whenever I try to cast 'alt+2' two times in a row, it will not cast the right skill the second time.

Quest and/or Map name:
Map: Every map / boat.

Character Name:

Can be repeated 100%

Client Language:


Steps to reproduce:

Situation 1: dc117eb954e203d643e55ad1bca5d43b.png
Situation 2: 28c5d815c9092711c6a70455793ccbee.png
Situation 3: 06b81288722d087af1836b8353ea251d.png

1) Save up 3 skills via safe cast as in situation 1.
2) Cast the second skill by pressing 'alt+2' (Active: Ice Blow)
3) Notice that 'alt+3' became the new 'alt+2' as in situation 2. (because it removed your cast spell from the list)
3) Dont move, and instantly cast the second skill again by pressing 'alt+2' (Active: Guided Lighting)
4) As you notice, it wont the actual 'alt+2', but it casts 'alt+1 (Active: Fire Shock)
5) You end up in situation 3, while you never pressed 'alt+1'.

- might come later

Other information:
This is becomming quite annoying if you are playing evie on a higher level and you intent to use the skills on 'alt+2' , and then the new one on 'alt+2' aswell, but then character cast 'alt+1' instead.
I have been working around this 'bug' for years, but it would be nice if it can be fixed actually.