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Tip for getting the Siglint bomb title Landstander

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Unless you have a very well co-ordinated party, dont bother trying to get this title in a party. You can tell the entire party before the raid not to stand in the center when you are bombing, and at least one guy will -always- fail to read and stand in the center like an idiot while you are bombing, causing the bombing to fail.

The easiest way to get the title is to do it on normal mode solo. Siglint does not fly on easy mode (when he suddenly stands still for a long time, thats the flying part being blocked by easy mode) nor does he fly in the ein lacher version.

The main issue is that Siglint can take a long time to fly which is time consuming. The fastest way to get Siglint to fly is to constantly stay out of his melee range. If you are too far away, he will use long ranged attacks, fly and land nearer to you, walk closer, spam some lightning circles, or simply get up and fly to shoot lightning from mid air or try to grab you while doing the strafing runs (necessary for you to be able to bomb him).

If you stay in melee range, he will spam his melee attacks/lightning circles and it will take forever to get him to fly. If you constantly stay out of his melee range, you can get him to fly every 1-2 minutes. He will usually alternate the flying attacks. E.G. If the first time he flies, he does the lightning attack, the second time he flies, he will do the strafing run grab.

When he first flies up, make sure to keep the camera focused on him. If he starts turning towards the west or east sides, he is going to position himself for a strafing attack and you can bomb. If he starts flying over the center of the map, he is going to shoot lightning.

When you can see that he is about to do the grab attack, position yourself so that a hemdrill is infront of you and get ready to throw the bomb, making sure that the hemdril is far enough so that the bomb doesn't overshoot it. The hemdrill rock will glow while Siglint is flying. Throw the bomb when Siglint does the final turn to line himself up for the grab attack.

Think of Siglint as a plane that is turning to land on the runway. You are standing on the runway, the plane is making the final turn before it starts to touch down. Thats roughly when you throw the bomb timing wise. You can get a better idea of it via practice or watching a video.

After throwing the bomb, move behind the hemdrill rock. That way, Siglint will get hit by the hemdrill right as he tries to grab you. Dodge the grab just in case.

There is no need to equip any serious weapons or other gear as you will not be trying to kill Siglint, just bombing him for the title. If he turns to stone to heal himself, dont bother using the catapaults and just let him heal.


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    Additional tips: equipping small bombs at the start of the raid gives you a 14 bomb head start on normal mode.

    doing Dethrone the white tyrant gives you an average of 8-15 iron ore per run. Using these ores can convert to 10 bombs per piece of iron combined with gunpowder obtained as a set of 5 from the general store costing 1,400 gold per set.