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PC>Hellfairies After the event

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Or anything out of the Fairy Box (besides the Succubus Set)

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  1. What item will be priced the highest after event19 votes
    1. Hellfairy Cassie
       47% (9 votes)
    2. Hellfairy Debbie
       16% (3 votes)
    3. Hellfairy Jessie
       16% (3 votes)
    4. Hellfairy Maxie
       21% (4 votes)


  • EnigmaTaroEnigmaTaro
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    Just check the price of stuff from fauna box and seafarer box. They never went back up because new and better stuff keeps coming out.
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    Though, there won't be anything better than the succubus pets, and considering Jessie is the most popular out of the four Hellfairy pets, I'm thinking she'll be the most expensive.