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Can't use enhancement elixir (Am i dun goofed?)

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So ive been enchanting my weapons Jagursh Bloodletter twin spears (lvl 60 and above) to +6, yet i still can't use the enhancement elixir. In the wiki it says that the elixir is used when you enchant weapons beyond +5.

Now im the enchanting screen @ Ferghus, trying to right click the elixir or dragging it to the appropriate slot, it just says this item can't be enhanced. So how does one actually use the elixir during the enhancement progress? Or is the wiki info outdated and you have to have like a +8 weapon or something before you can start using the elixir.


  • TeknofobixTeknofobix
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    I think its after +7 now not sure I haven't upgraded anything manually in awhile