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New Forums = New Karok Beginning!

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edited October 25, 2016 in Karok
Wow! What an improvement. The new forums caught me off weave to say the least. (Guess that's what I get for not keeping up on the news +haha) What do my fellow brethren think of it? I myself find it much more user friendly and in some cases its easier on the eyes. I feel that it matches the overall theme of the website. The only downside is we lost a lot of karok forum history. How to play cestus properly, possible best rotations for pillar, or who has the most abnormal/booty-ful karok. everything! Lets help our future Ka-ka-ka-karoks! by reviving those forums. Lets start this new beginning of forums with not just a bang but with a big bang preferable enhanced with cataclysm. +joy

This is Lariato signing off.
  1. Point of Discussion : New forum is it a Lovely Clean hit or Dreadful Fracture?8 votes
    1. Clean hit
       88% (7 votes)
    2. Dreaful Fracture
       13% (1 vote)


  • StrongRightStrongRight
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    I like it so far....hopefully they add in custom avatars soon.

    That reminds me, I'll repost my vid here onto the new forums.
  • ArthyenArthyen
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    Will be fun to showoff my karok in the "Post PICS of Your Karok!!!" thread again. :)
  • BarbatusBarbatus
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    All that matters to me is that I can finally change my damn username. Other than that, it's a shame all that Karok history is gone. Time to post pics again.