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Golden God, what does Scythe suck at?

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edited April 17, 2017 in Evie
I wanted to start working on Golden God, but I was wondering if there was any bosses that players found unbearable for Scythe, but alright for Staff? I currently run only Scythe but now that I have AP going into Staff I may be picking one up soon.


  • SekaiizSekaiiz
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    There are a few bosses that are a bit more annoying than others, particularly:

    Lord Glas
    Mad Willy

    Everyone else is straightforward. I wouldn't switch to staff because beating these bosses with scythe is a good learning experience.
  • FurionFurion
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    Personally as someone who has done it all on scythe there are a few that are trouble mainly including iset, keaghan, colru, silberin, blood lord, thor, black belly, cromm.
    Other people will say differently obviously based on play style, speed difference, and stamina management.
  • CherishedCherished
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    1. Cold Imich
    2. Iset
    3. Kielu
    4. Old Glas (avatar of destruction)
    5. Ekinar

    I felt these battles were difficult because scythe's gameplay is not well geared for fighting them. You'll have to use some special tactics and excruciating fingerwork to beat them.