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Nexon Launcher download/install speed drop

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Not sure if this has happened to anyone before, but last night when I was reinstalling Vindictus after doing a clean install of the Nexon Launcher, the download and install speed plummeted. It was going at 20-30 MBs per second, but as soon as it hit the 60% or 70% mark, the speeds for download and install plummeted. It went from 20-30 MBs per second to 0 bytes - few KBs per second. I managed to reinstall Vindictus, but what should've taken no more than 5 to 10 minutes, ended up taking over an hour.

I have had this issue happen to me once before, but it was easily remedied by simply resetting my modem and restarting my computer. Last night, however, was not the case. I've tried both resetting my modem and restarting my PC, but neither fixed the issue. I wonder if there was server traffic/lag at the time of me reinstalling the game causing this issue.

Or Nexon Launcher being Nexon Launcher.