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Regarding Crushing Strike: Atk buff removal?

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edited April 13, 2017 in Karok
Edit: Apparently the change might have occurred way back during the Karok Unleashed Update where the new buff is only an additional 5% damage.

I haven't been keeping up with patch notes so I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but does Crushing Strike no longer give a 1200 attack buff when active?


Here is a video as well. I would recall previously the buff is also applied to your stat window. Now it is unchanged.


  • AimAndKillAimAndKill
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    Been gone since the Karok Revamp, just that the skills windows wasn't updated to reflect it.
  • GysenseiGysensei
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    Nope, you've got it wrong. Just look at the skill description he posted, "increases damage by 5%" which is correct. So you no longer get a flat amount of attack, instead all your damage will be increased by 5% once crushing strike is active. Very simple..