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Guide: Power leveling your pets.

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I found a nifty spot to farm to gain as much Pet EXP as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Battle: A Friend Once Lost

Boss: Barchdus

Runs to gain a level: on average, 3.

Why is this a good spot to farm? Literally one of the shortest battles in the entire game, and pets gain EXP based upon completing a dungeon. It does not matter how many rooms you go through, or how many bosses you face. Since it's required for progression story wise, it's inevitable to access this battle at some point. You also only lose 3 points of durability per run on the boots (where I measure the cost of my repairs per session), along with nabbing s3 goodies to boot.

When I did my runs, I gained 1 level every 2 minutes. I started farming when my succubus pet was level 12, and gained 8 levels within 16 minutes, excluding loading times.

From farming as a level 1 pet, it would take around 40-50 minutes to reach level 20 depending on how fast you kill Barchdus per run.

Be wary that if you summon multiple pets in the same battle, the EXP will be distributed to the majority on the lower level pet, making the higher level one more difficult to reach the level you need.


  • 2edgy4u2edgy4u
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    is it only based on completion? have you tried traces of battle?
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    I'll test Traces when I can.

    EDIT: wouldn't recommend Traces of battle. Since end boss is just a frog, you gain experience similar to a mob kill (around 1%).
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    I did a lot of testing on this today and found the exp numbers scale with many different variables. While I was making a list of these numbers I discovered that the lvl of the pet comes into play so I have removed the list that was once here in this post.

    Running the first half of Shady Forest (Then /leave) yCEHk1E.jpg
    A Friend Once Lost XpR9zDo.jpg
    (Using a Hellfairy @lvl 4)

    @Ikarsu is correct as far as my testing goes when it comes to speed leveling the pets whilst maintaining valued drops for not only repairs but to improve characters or sell for gold. The fastest power leveling I found so far was running the first half of Shady Forest and then forfeiting. They both have the same EXP but half of Shady Forest takes 10 seconds or less.
  • Yuria100Yuria100
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    I powered lvl my pet using Twolight Desert.

    First Room start with pet dismissed once you get to enemy summon pet and kill them then leave and dismiss pet once fail screen froms.

    First Room dismiss pet once you clear mode, then head to second room tun straight to boss gather mob. Summon pet and kill mob with aoe or how ever way u can then leave. This will give you capped exp till your pet hits lvl 27 then you wont be hitting capped exp thus making you have to do extra runs per lvl.

    But i think your way is better.
  • DongmasterDongmaster
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    not sure how welcome any further input or reassurance is on the matter, or if this counts as "necro-bumping" an old thread, but I figured I'd inform that I waited with pulling out my lvl 10 pet for the last hit on Ahglan, and upon his death and mission completion got 638 combat exp, but following your advice on Shady Forest got 1147 exp in roughly those 10-20 seconds


    also, finishing Shady Forest - pulling the pet out for the first zone and emptying it, put it back inside, and then pull it out for the last killing hit on the boss - yielded the same amount of exp