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Join Vindictus Discord!

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Hello! I would like to cordially extend an invite to you and your friends here on the forums to Vindictus Discord. We are a community of current, retired, and prospective Vindictus players We host players from all over the world. We have players from Asia, Australia, and Europe. We peak at 650-700+ NA players and 150+ EU players. Our goal is to be host to the Vindictus community and foster discussions amongst players.

New or a Veteran? No problem, we have both top ranked veteran and friendly players to answer your questions or push the meta in discussions. Interested in art? There are dedicated channels for that as well.

Permanent Invite Link: https://discord.gg/XSJENwB

We look forward to seeing you.
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  • hi5joshhi5josh
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    I'll try to make my way over there when I can. We need to stick together and help each other as much as possible. Without an active community, this game is meaningless... XD
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  • TenkoKuugenTenkoKuugen
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    Bump! Join our community and discuss with and play with other members! There are daily discussions about current/meta content and future content! Keep up to date with us.

    We have channels for vindictus related content, off-topic, and even art discussion.

    Now that servers have merged this is a great chance to get to know others from the other regions.
  • AndromedaGMAndromedaGM
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    Gl on the recruit <3 waifu Tenko
    PS: Greetings to your server :)
  • JeyemJeyem
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    No thank you, visited once, same 3 guys circlejerking the admins and spamming dank memezz broo