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Fixed Gem Box Event {Mar 29 - Apr 12}

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edited March 29, 2017 in Contests and Events
Been looking to get the best bracelet possible for your favorite character, but the gems you need just won't drop? For the next two weeks, we're bringing back the Fixed Gem Boxes Event, letting you loot Special Key Gems from Niflheim battles that can be traded for exactly the gem type you need!

Full details >> http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/21633/fixed-gem-box-event



  • ToksikoToksiko
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    I don't really understand this event...Is this superior bracelet gems or just fine gems?
  • ChunmanderChunmander
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    Toksiko wrote: »
    I don't really understand this event...Is this superior bracelet gems or just fine gems?

    They're regular boxes only that you get to pick the type.
  • Question2Question2
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    What about people who want to get two/three slot bracelets but cant because the drop rate is terrible? Its way easier to farm gems than bracelets considering the ratio, so this event is puzzling...

    I can already predict the response when I ask people about this event later on :

    "Hey guys are you interested in the gem event"

    "who cares i can't get a bracelet anyway"

    "I already have tons of fine gems stockpiled anyway"

    "I hate nif"

    "Ehhhh ceeebs"

    "I don't care about gems"

    "I need bracelets, not gems..."

    "Where is the fishing event?"
  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    ^ fr though. Nexon: "Yo we're getting a new fishing event finally" Players: "YES! I don't have time to put in right now as it's mid semester and I can't afford to play hard like I normally do so I'd like to get mats this way" poof days later it's gone.... Yay? Still no update too so that's promising.