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Its been fun playing this game!

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I really "HAD IT" with this LAG, even on solo mission it lag. usually i don't lag on solo now it lag even in town it lags. I think there is no cure for the chronic illness of lag lag lag lag lag. I wish you guys fix this problem its been what 3 years since I play this game and still the lag problem isn't resolve. You guys give us free crap but not fixing this LAG i really hate it. I f-ing quit. Goodbye good riddance.


  • CessaCessa
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    If it's lagging when you solo it means your computer is not good enough and/or it's too full of malware to keep it from performing to spec.

    An i3 2100 and random 400 series GTX card can host this game with 8 players and get ~30fps average.

    It has no problems when soloing. A used 2100 can go for ~30 USD used on eBay these days.
  • HallyHally
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    A 10 year old toaster pc with a p4 and 7900gtx can solo without lagging. If you are lagging on solos; it means you have far too much stuff running in the background, or your computer is infested with malware, or you have very high graphics settings without offloading it to the video card.
  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    everyone rolls to 2Bae now
  • ArishaLArishaL
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    Love how my reply got delete YaY!
  • RhapsodyOfFireRhapsodyOfFire
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    Even in solo it can lag when the server lags because it has to record statistics like hits taken and such. It's been worse since the last patch. I didn't have so serious fps problems when hosting raids like Pantheon and Kraken. The fps would vary between 25-45 and now it varies around between 15-35 + the screen freezes. I have an i5-2500k and a Radeon HD 5770. I know the GPU is old but would that cause this problem? I don't think that buffer swapping takes so much time that it causes the CPU to lag. But it can happen the other way around so that the frequent UI updates, the network communication and such can delay the CPU and thus the GPU too.

    But it didn't happen 5 years ago and they haven't changed the engine neither the game mechanics since then. Probably they built the game upon a really badly designed code and the problems are just starting to pop up one after another because the game gets to handle bigger contents.

    But they won't rewrite the entire game for that. So either your quit or you just try to play for fun not caring about that you are the last in dps or you die so many times.