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For New Players, Old People and Soloist

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“What is the best part of this game?”
“The first 70 levels of this game are the best parts of this game.
Hard to beat free. Level 70 and above requires deep pockets.
Making it to level 90 and above is no joke.”

There are three documents in this Update.

Gruesome Crimson's Vindictus Game Guide or New Players, Old People and Soloist covering such topics as:

The Mailbox
Secondary Quests
Oath Of Honor
Items and Crap
Investing Money into your Characters
Character Development
Communicating in Vindictus
Starting Skills
The Mediation Skill
AP Points in Action
Vindictus Storyline: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3
How to Use NX points in Vindictus
Intel Integrated Graphic Cards

Gruesome Crimson's Vindictus Uniform & Armour Guide for New Players, Old People and Soloists covering such favorites as:

Veteran Raiment Uniform Set
Crimson Rage Uniform Set
Savage Leather 6-pieces Armor Set/Savage Ring
Sharpshooter Leather Uniform Set
Blood Prince Uniform Set/Emptiness Ring
Beast Armor Uniform Set - $100,000
Elite Commander Uniform Set
Pit Bull Uniform Set
War Edge Battle Suit Set
Classic Explorer Uniform Set - $183,000
White Tyrant Uniform Set
Lighter Red Tyrant Uniform Set
Heavier Red Tyrant Uniform Set
Erg River Uniform Set
Scavenger Uniform Set
Spider Lord's Uniform Set
Viking Uniform Set - $120,000
Nightmare Light Uniform Set
Laghodessa Slayer Uniform Set
Southern Winter Uniform Set
Wild Southern Winter Uniform Set
Queen's Light Glory Uniform Set
Royal Cadet Uniform Set
Barbarous Uniform Set
Queen's Glory Uniform Set
Cuallemeach Uniform Set
Black Hammer Uniform Set
Ingkell's Uniform Set
Raider's Uniform Set
Swift Uniform Set
Light Ingkell's Uniform Set
Everlasting Dragon Uniform Set

Gruesome Crimson's Vindictus Road Map for New Players and Old People

Perilous Ruins
Hoarfrost Hollow
Prairie Entrance
Ruins of Sanctity
Hoarfrost Depths
Hidler Forest Ruins
Fomorian Base
Ortel Castle
Abbey, and Heide

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