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Fishing Event Temporarily Unavailable


  • BownerBowner
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    JynXi wrote: »
    Fyi, the Rods have expired but those pink thingies from the pouches had there expire date removed.

    Plus, they patched the whole dual bug. No more easy sticky spam for breakoffs. Im happy and sad About this at the same time. More value for kai/Vella again

    i think its a good thing. i remember the days of getting break offs for money, the market for break offs will go back up hopefully. it only took them 3 years but they got there in the end lol
  • SojSoj
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    edited April 14, 2017
    What's disheartening is the lack of a response from Nexon.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    Ayyy fishing rods expired RIP
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    For those who haven't noticed- the fishing event is back: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/21974/cherry-fishing-event