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Search Function

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edited October 30, 2016 in Suggestions and Feedback
When I was searching up Reinforced ES I had no indicator to inform me of whether or not the Marketplace Auctions forums were in East or West. Any way to make it as clear as the old forums were in showing which section/server the forum was placed in?


  • quietguyquietguy
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    edited December 7, 2016
    When using the search function on the forum, we have no way of knowing what server the seller is posting from. Say you're looking for "twin swords". You type "twin swords" into the search box and hit enter. Then you scan the results for headings indicating that someone is selling them. But when you find on and open the thread, or open in a new tab, there's no indication that the thread comes from WEST Marketplace Auction or EAST Marketplace Auction. Not even in the web address.

    Can something be done about this?
  • DealerDealer
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    The Marketplaces now say the server names so I'm closing these threads.
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