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Scythe - Cat Statue vs Wolf Paw vs Succubus Fang

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in Evie
Can anyone explain the uses of each artifact, which one is most optimal for scythe, and why?


  • SekaiizSekaiiz
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    You get so much excess sp that cat statue isnt worth. Go paw for the speed, fang if you're doin neam or need survivability
  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    edited March 12, 2017
    Usually Paw is more useful.
    Cat statue isn't worth at all basically since Scythe evie just has to cycle SP by using Insane Reaper. Other SP skills are mostly of less importance. Besides to gain SP is fairly easy for scythe too.
    Fang is pointless if your evie has a low defence(lower than 14k, if in neamhain), and having a low HP base(less than 8000). Lower than that fang would probably just allows you to tank 2 more hits. In this case Feather bundle is even more useful.
  • hornywatermelonhornywatermelon
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    Cat for Neamhain,
    Paw for everything else.
  • MizoraMizora
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    edited May 19, 2017
    if you're better at a raid and can be aggressive enough to have enough sp, use paw, I always use a statue for new/harder raids that i'm not used to