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bug with +10-+15 coupon

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in Bug Reporting
Nobody actually has proof or have presented any proof to have +11-15 coupon i asked about it ingame with megaphone and nobody has it i got only +10 x7 times and yes i have 7 accounts hope u fix this UnMVj5g.jpg


  • DealerDealer
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    It is possible to get higher than +11, I have seen some players selling their 11+ coupons already.

    Sorry you didn't have much luck.
  • CorelessCoreless
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    edited March 12, 2017
    Nexon can't introduce too many +11-15 weapons because that would f*ck up the economy, hence the odds are quite small. A lot of the people who have +15 weapons is a result of their lucky enhancement at Fergus.