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CursedLife,newfound guild recruiting!

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CursedLife,a guild where friendship,respect&loyalty matters.
If you are a player that enjoys the game and plays for fun above all,this is a guild for you.
The guild has no level,power requirements but it has rules in order to maintain a friendly atmosphere and behaviour.
Be polite and respectful to each other.
Show you are a part of the guild by helping your fellow guildmates in need.
Do not ask for gold or items.
Any kind of toxic behaviour will not be tolerated,if you have a problem,before taking action speak with a guild leader and try to solve it peacefully.

The guild is newly founded and it could be a beginning or new beginning for any of you in this game.If you agree with the rules and feel like accepting them come and join us and let our story begin!
Contact me at the ign Teremor or leave a reply,message here if you're interested in joining CursedLife.