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The RNG of this game is so incredibly enraging.


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    Question2 wrote: »
    When the unification events started, i had approximately 40 people online in my friend list. At least 75% of those were just logging on to afk for free stuff while they play BDO or other stuff. Once they hit 100 hours, that number dropped to an average of 15 people on weekend nights while the +2 cores, +2 raids event was on. Of which about 75% were afking for the weekend gifts while playing BDO or other stuff.

    People do not come back from other games, not on any long term basis. Look at Neamhain. I know people with +14s and +15s who came back to try out Neamhain for a while then quit because it was too hard or "I'm bored". Look at the abomination update. Literally the same thing happened. People came back for a week or two, then went back to BDO till the next update.

    I don't think you understand the definition of quitting or jumping ship. What you described over there is taking long breaks, not quitting. More like ship hopping rather than a full ship jump.

    When you quit, you uninstall the game and never look back. These players in your friends list or those players who came back for Abo\Nea shouldn't have had Vindi installed in the first place had they really quit. You don't come back to afk for an event "just in case I might come back in the future and need those items", because you know you're never coming back.

    When you quit smoking do you still have a pack of cigs lying in your drawer? No, you don't. And if you think you quit smoking while you still have a pack within arm's reach, you're lying to yourself. So as long as you have Vindi installed in your hard drive, you never really quit because it's still dwelling in your subconscious whether you admit it or not. That's the monopoly and magic of Vindi and that's exactly what I meant with:
    Lavonne wrote:
    They can go to BDO, but Nexon knows they'll come back crawling for Vindi whenever there's a new update.

    Question2 wrote: »
    The reason why Nexon/Devcat doesnt care is because they are primarily based in Korea. Their main competitors are other korean MMOs, not BDO. Nexon NA's competitors are games like BDO, but they dont have the power to change the enhancing system or anything major, and they probably dont see the issue as long as the game turns a healthy quarterly profit anyway.

    So BDO is not an MMO in Korea? lol... If BDO was this super magnetic force you say it is, Vindi would have been put down long ago. But it's still here making profits, you're still here advertising talking about BDO every chance you get and Vindi is still holding its ground despite your anecdotal evidence about all these new players "quitting".

    By the way, I dunno what it is you're trying to do by constantly bringing up BDO every chance you get, but it's not working. You go around with "BDO this", "BDO that", but people reading your posts are just thinking "if BDO is so great as this guy says it is, why is he still here making posts about BDO"? And then they realize you're either an advertisement or just a bitter player. If BDO was so amazing and such a threat to Vindi as you claim it is, you wouldn't even be here. You'd be too busy playing the amazing BDO. You're a walking contradiction to everything you say (at least in regard to BDO).

    Also since you presented your conspiracy theory about how Nexon NA management is just soooo threatened by BDO in the west and how they're just soooo helpless.
    "Oh noooo, bdo is stealing all of our players even tho they keep coming back every update, but we're so helpless because we can't change the enhancing system or anything major.... Oh nooo."

    Press 1 to donate to helpless Nexon NA employees who are crumbling under the pressure of having to compete with BDO in the west.

    I'll take your conspiracy theory and raise it to a whole nother level of absurdity:

    My theory is that Nexon NA are actually secretly trying to get rid of Vindi in the west. Yup you heard that right.

    I do really think Nexon Global\NA are secretly trying to kill Vindi, but they can't. This darn game is still making profits. Can't get rid of it. No matter how much they try, it turns profits.

    You see, Vindi holds such a stronghold monopoly over what it does that even when it's OWN PUBLISHERS are secretly trying to kill it, they still fail.

    Also Nexon NA employees are lizard people and none of this is real.
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