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More Inventory Chests

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could get more inventory chests .
Like a whole 9 more chests, doubled the current amount, placed on the right side of the inventory window .

Of course some of you are wondering how 9 chests isn't enough already .
Well being a player since the beginning, I like keeping event items of the events through each year. Which adds up to quite a bit .
Hoarder much? Sure, along with a vast amount of the community that have been playing for a long time .

Okay, so you took up 2 inventory chests, great, what about the 7 others?
Well, people don't call it Fashiondictus for no reason .
5 of my chests contain gear, accessories, outfits, and just vanity, (probably would be more than just 5 but I had to put some of the least used outfits I had on other chars) .
No, putting all of them on different characters is besides the point .
It's nice to be able to mix and match clothes whenever you'd like to instead of having to switch to different chars to get the outfits .
Part of the fun for many in the game is the ability to mix gear and create unique outfits or just enjoying the limited vanity that you have .
Also, a lot of my items are bound to me so it's not like I can transfer them freely .

In the end, this won't affect the economy, nor would it really affect the community but it will even make lots of people happy .
I know some people including myself, have maxed out storage but also have Perm Storage Coupons that are bound to our characters . It would be nice to be able to use these coupons instead of having them be wasted in our inventories .
And it's just a win for Nexon, they'll gain more money from players purchasing perm storage coupons .

Yes, I understand this isn't an overnight implementation or anything that may come of .
But it is indeed a suggestion .


  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    i doubt everyone has all 9 opened permanently
  • AnthonytonyboyAnthonytonyboy
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  • DivineAngelDivineAngel
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    Madcobra wrote: »
    i doubt everyone has all 9 opened permanently

    Indeed not everyone has all 9 opened, but there are a lot that do and would greatly benefit and appreciate additional storage space .

    And exactly that . +sweat
    I too also have a lot of mats from S1, S2, and S3 for crafting and other items that I will use .
    9 storages is definitely not enough . We need more ! +fight