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The kick option in chat groups

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I understand that this is kind of a trivial suggestion and that it's nothing major. Would it be possible to implement the kick option in the "group" chats which players create? (Chat1, Chat2, Chat3 etc...). On EU we've created a PvP chat which was used as a shortcut to ask others to come PvP so we don't waste megaphones in doing so. The problem with this is that the maximum of people who can join is 24 and there is no kick option to it. There have been numerous occasions where people who've been in the chat have just simply left game and they're just taking up space. It's stupid that we have to create additional chat groups just cause we're capped with inactive people.


  • KuraiHotaruKuraiHotaru
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    Would be very nice to implement a kick option for the group, or simply increase the size of the chat group, as I've had many people asking to join the chat, but unfortunately been full, and cannot kick the inactive members. It is truly a pain in the a** to create a new group because of people being inactive as well as new people willing to join but unable to because of the 24man limit