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Individualized Stat Element Stones

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Let me get straight to the point of the topic. Power Infusion's RNG is absurd. You spend hundreds of millions of gold only to never get the infusion you need. You spend anywhere from 7 to 8M per Intermediate Element Stone only to get STR, AGI, INT or WIL infuse which, in my opinion, should ONLY roll with the Average Element Stones. If you are spending 7-8M per stone, then you should be getting +/- Stamina, ATT/M.ATT, DEF, Crit, Balance, or Speed. Why are STR, AGI, INT or WIL included in the possible rolls is beyond me. I propose that we get individualized element stones that roll specific stats; +/-.

Critical Element Stone:
-2 crit, -1 crit, +1 crit, +2 crit

Attack Speed Element Stone:
-1 attack speed, +1 attack speed

Balance Element Stone:
-2 balance, -1 balance, +1 balance, +2 balance

This way RNG would be less stressful ._.


  • DexkillDexkill
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    It can be also +3 or -3 too. Just really rare. :)
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    Yes, I forgot to mention that. Even if they don't make these Element Stones permanent, I'd rather they do it via an Event.