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Share your Misery & Fortune!


  • KaguraHimikoKaguraHimiko
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    edited December 4, 2017
    Fortune-> recently made a +10 orange scrolled Sulla staff (still able to enh) and I made over 60kk gold which is rare for me lol.

    Misfortune kinda-> prior to making the staff. I had been farming dull since it was released for an orange main piece (I gave up few weeks ago and ended up buying the piece after luckily being able to get the gold) I do dulls once after a break I get a frikkn orange weap piece....

  • JeyemJeyem
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    Fortune: Got +16
    Misfortune: Woke up.

    But to actually add to the thread. fortune -> acquire dulla wep essence -> misfortune -> blow that up at 8 -> fortune -> got the essence back.