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How much gold do YOU make on a daily/weekly basis?

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I average at about 70m/day from S3 mats if i offer my soul to satan and become a mindless chinese worker \o/

There are probably other methods I didn't add to the poll like Blessed elixirs, but i didnt want the poll to go too long. \o/ sorry
  1. Your favorite way of doing so?67 votes
    1. S3 Mats
       27% (18 votes)
    2. ES Farming
       9% (6 votes)
    3. Raiding
       42% (28 votes)
    4. Pray2Ferghu
       6% (4 votes)
    5. Buying$$with$$
       16% (11 votes)


  • TsiiiTsiii
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    I make -5m per day +cry
  • BlawrghBlawrgh
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  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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  • DelterosDelteros
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    edited February 27, 2017
  • SojSoj
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    I make about 10-20 million a day through a combination of ES farming and certain S1 mats.
  • AtherionAtherion
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    I make w/e I end up getting neam if I end up running her in that day since I rarely run anything else anymore.
  • hi5joshhi5josh
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    I'm lucky if I break even each day. I mostly AFK anymore. Its only when I spend serious time and effort that I can make a little gold or rarely get lucky from RNG to make gold. I save as much as I can and always have the 1 billion gold goal in the back of my head. I've come close a couple times at least, within a few million and regret spending nearly all of it in a short time frame just to regear my sole primary active character instead of waiting for prices to drop. Everyone is different in terms of how much gold they make in a given time. There are so many variables like; LUK, time/energy spent, Understanding & taking advantage of the market / Predicting the future based off of knowledge from the past as well as understanding future content already released in Korea, how many characters they are actively playing at end game, taking advantage of events with multiple characters/accounts, etc.

    My advice is to buy low, sell high, and only buy when you can justify the price (hoard your gold).
    Raid, farm, rave, repeat...

    P.S. It's a shame we can't earn interest off of gold we have saved like in real life.
  • HallyHally
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    10 - 20m per day from 5 mins of playing the market. Can do more but too lazy. I spend most of my online time standing in town doing nothing.
  • MylewMylew
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    Them NA numbers can sure confuse an EU player +cold
  • MochiSweetMochiSweet
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    10-20m average, sometimes lucky if i got many scrolls/essence i can get 50m+
    ...or 0 like today, got nothing from raids/dungeons.
  • GewelliriousGewellirious
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    RNG decides it for me, everyday.
  • DownIoadDownIoad
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    Hally wrote: »
    10 - 20m per day from 5 mins of playing the market. Can do more but too lazy. I spend most of my online time standing in town doing nothing.

    One billion gold in 4 hours...

    For anyone new to the game, take these threads with a grain of salt because its mostly big fish stories.
  • RakushuRakushu
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    -100K or more per day...
    repair fees and neko boxes across 7 chars...
    i think i got an ES drop last week
  • IkarsuIkarsu
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    farm 10 solid shards. Buy 10 cheap leg/foot/helm primes in MP craft with expertise. sell them all to NPC. make 350,000 gold on top of gold obtained from mad morbus at 93,000 per run. Sometimes stable shards, heaven leathers, and godly cloths spike in price and I make extra to boot. Right now, I'm just extremely lazy since I obtained a subdued woeful belt for 200M and since there's no other item/gear to buy until new content comes out. 7 minutes / 60 minutes per hour = around 8 and a half runs times that by 93,000 gold and you get around 744,000 gold per hour or 2.976M per four hours of straight grinding deep corruption ( Contamination in the deep in EU ). Mad/Lunatic morbus drops the usual mats, but for the weapon composite shard he only drops stable shards, which is my go to spot for farming now instead of ben chenner summit. Note that this is from expertise + gold generating from the boss kill + 7 kick kills on common mobs there alone, excluding selling god mats to the market place along with legendary shards. Take away repair costs and that's your net gain. Additionally, if you have superior or exquisite armor potions, I would highly recommend getting as many as you can get your slivering hands on cause these WILL save you a S*** ton of gold in the long run. Well now that you have my viewpoint on gold making, I hope this helps you out for your gold struggles. ^_^
  • jeddyhijeddyhi
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    I make some and then spend some. I'm kind to the economy.
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    edited February 28, 2017
    I used to make gold when new content came out, now I just don't make gold because I barely play.
  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    I hit big a year ago and just kept on using that money without gaining much, but it does let me enjoy the content without worrying about money problems.
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    edited February 28, 2017
    I don't farm, only running raid, pray for RNGesus, then enhance something, pray for RNGerghus and that's it.

    Extremely feast or famine. I can make like 300m in a lucky day every month (or few months), some 20m from scroll here and there, then nothing for the rest.
  • ArishaLArishaL
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    Without the use of Cash shop items? = 0.

    The market is dead for the most part. Ran over 300 raids and got one Rank7 scroll that's worth less than 10m now when it was over 70m at the start of Season 3. I think its better for me to spend my time elsewhere until they decided to increase the drop rates. Really takes the motivation out of the game when all your efforts are worth nothing.
  • JynXiJynXi
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    economy per server is different, no?

    So imo this topic is abit irrelevant if you ask the 'amount of money you gain'