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We need some XE in Pre to bring to move forward.

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Hello. I came over from XE and i feel they had a lot more advanced gameplay then Prem has. Xe was fast flowing and more consistant gameplay then Prem. Prem is really slow compared to what we are all used to so here are a few suggestions.

Give people the option to auto run/sprint. Simple Option tick would be good, this way both NA and EU can choose. I feel the slow walking hinders the fast action game that a lot of us wanted.

Weird graphics for high simple settings. People with good computers choose these settings to find out that we have really shiny armor, over bright sun rays and more, blurry images while doing skills. Like why? who would want to be blinded by the sun and having blurry screen while doing skills? it is not necessary to have nor does it help anyone so most people will turn them off.

Fix the delay for hotbar and skills. As a kai Xgun user i have noticed the significant change of these. In XE my skills are instant, my hotbar was instant and it kept the game flowing fast but not it takes time and a lot of it too for doing skills like hand bomb. It seems Prem is for slow moving people who do not want fast flowing game style.

HP bars for mission bosses. Why don't we have them? it is strange to have them for raids but not bosses. There is no reason to not have them considering they are implemented into the game.

For now that is about it. A lot of people aren't happy, mainly because we have to push a button to run which is pointless to me,
  1. Should Nexon add the option to turn auto-run on and off?5 votes
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       80% (4 votes)
    2. No
       20% (1 vote)