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Royal Army Raid Queue

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edited October 28, 2016 in Suggestions and Feedback
The adjustment in the Royal Army Raid Queue (to popup the boarding notification on 10 instead of 16 players) needs further tweaking.

The problem now is that 1 or 2 people will frequently decline the boat boarding notification, so the raid never reaches the 10 person minimum.

10 people are in the queue --> boat boarding notification pops --> 1 or 2 people decline --> only 8 or 9 persons arrive in the instance --> the raid doesn't start --> everyone stands around for a few minutes, and then people start leaving.

I think the easiest fix is to increase the player number when the notification pops, from 10 to 12. This will allow for a couple of people to decline, and the raid to still go ahead.

Also, please look into some kind of dynamic adjustment of the boss' health points. So, maybe once the raid action starts then don't allow any more people to enter & if there's only 10 players, then adjust the boss' health points accordingly.