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Sylas population estimate?

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in Sylas
Any player from west/ aus/ EU servers have a general idea of how many Sylas are active at end game?
I'm from east server and I can think of maybe 10-15 sylas that appear active at end game that are sporting actual gear for at least a fraction of their equipment. And that's a lot more than a year ago where I could think of maybe one sylas that was geared for end game and that was EDOS.

How many sylas can you think of off the top of your head?


  • PetricaBPetricaB
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    Hi from Eu.
    I think they're like 20, if they are, with end game gear. I think i'm among them, my main being a Sylas.
  • SaphreeSaphree
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    Maybe 10-15 for west, not that many.
    A few I can think of is Saphree (me lmao), 7thRonin, ShadowMadara, KpopCarl, PhantomSai, Taeyong, and some others I can't remember the names of
  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    Is sylas a new upcoming char? <3
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    East has an okay number, but some are on hiatus at the moment. There seem to be more people getting interested in him again.