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Guild system update

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tl:dr - Make the guilds bigger, better, and more important in the game.

It's time for the guild system to be improved. Here are my suggestions based off of old player experience and from other games like TERA/SWTOR/EVE/B&S:

1. Allow guilds to expand up to 400 people again. This will A: make you (nexon) more money from people buying guild expansions, and B: allow players to finally bring a decent amount of alts into their guilds without shrinking membership size due to the capacity limit. It would also help us deal with the mass inactivity between content releases that seems to plague the game now, and which winds up killing off a lot of guilds. There will soon be 11 character classes, meaning if everyone had each class, there could only be 18 people in a guild. That is absurd. Increase the potential capacity upgrade and people will buy more guild expansions. Little effort, long term increase in revenue.

2. Larger guilds require more infrastructure. A second guild chat channel would be outstanding, or perhaps an announcement system for guild admins similar to the server event announcement system. This would allow guild admins to let members know raid times, website details, etc when they logged in, without the need to tell each person manually.

3. Alternatively to the 400 member idea, or in addition to it, create an alliance system for guilds. Multiple guilds could form an alliance and share a special chat channel, maybe a bonus or two, etc. It would help new guilds start up too.

4. Delete the guilds with only one person in them, they're clearly inactive and it just ties down names that could be used by active guilds. One person is not a guild.

5. Allow more than 60 letter characters in the guild screen message. All this allows for is a guild website URL, nothing more. 500-1000 characters is more suitable.

6. Add a better ranking system, with more ranks other than "guild member" and "admin." Perhaps something like an actual mercenary unit, with "Captain" "Lieutenant" "Sergeant" "Private" "Recruit" etc.

It came to my attention recently that Nexon NA has at least partial control over the guild system, proven by your ability to change the entry/exit messages in guild chat. I have heard from veteran players in both KR and EU that their systems are different. I also heard that KR did indeed get a major guild system change when they got the season 3 update, which gives precedence to at least have the opportunity for change here. While an alliance system would require significant changes in the client, simply increasing the maximum capacity that guilds can be upgraded to can't take much more than modifying a numerical value in a couple files.
  1. Do you agree that there needs to be some improvements in the guild system?11 votes
    1. Yes, it needs to be reworked and improved
       73% (8 votes)
    2. Maybe just a couple adjustments
       18% (2 votes)
    3. No, it's fine as it is
       9% (1 vote)


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    Bumper cars
  • WilkoWilko
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    More guild levels and guild storage features/expansions would be nice too.
  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    I'm fine with just a couple of the above changes, I like my guild how it is and how it's really just 7 or so active people. Alliances sometimes ruins the atmosphere and lets be real, there are a lot of toxic people that are absolute trolls in vindi and if someone decided to allow them into their alliance and they picked fights with some less geared people because of their elitist nature... ugh not fun man. I don't see alliance's as a good thing, guild expansion for sure. No need for a 2nd guild chat channel bc some could easily miss out on whats being sad, idk of any guild big enough that needs 2 chat channels haha.
  • DesireOfMineDesireOfMine
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    If it's about ranks, it would be awesome if leaders could make/edit them manually. Change the names according to preferences, and adjusting access to certain things on exact rank.

    They should also add more 'guild features', something like castle maybe, guild wars PvP (but first they should remove equipment depending from PvP, because i don't like the idea of casher guilds or generally some end game equipped players boosting their ego even tho they don't deserve it since they can't even play PvP).
  • 탱크블레이드탱크블레이드
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    There IS another Guild Rank we got on KR....it's currently just a placeholder right now that's equivalent to "Member" but has the name of another admin type.