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There is now a VindictusCommunity on Twitch

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Since twitch has implemented the Communities feature I decided to go ahead of create a VindictusCommunity for all streamers to use as their place to stream as a grouped community for Vindictus. There will be a sort of FAQ's thing I will have here but feel free to ask questions so I can add them to the main post. If I don't reply immediately it's because I am still working (I work until 1:30AM Eastern).

1.) Q: Why create a community? What's the point?
A: It's to bring everyone together who streams as well as who watches the streams.

2.) Q: Is this restricted to the NA/EU/AUS region?
A: No this is for all Vindictus players in each region around the world. Whether you play on NA, JP, or even KR everyone is free to use the community.

3.) Q: That's great and all but why are the description and rules in English?
A: Because I speak english and I am a baby at Korean right now. If anyone wants to assist in typing out that information in their native language feel free to do so and contact me to add it to the page.

4.) Q: This seems like a lot of work for a game that isn't too popular. Why try?
A: This is also a game I have played for 6 years and still enjoy to the fullest. So this is one of my ways of showing my full support as an attempt to get more people into Vindictus.

The community page and rules can be viewed here at https://www.twitch.tv/communities/vindictuscommunity