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Lynn as of now?

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As per my reddit post!

I just wanted to figure out what the new combo for Lynn is? We have a new ultimate skill: Rising Dragon... in what situation do you use it now as it's not based on stacking swift assassin petals? So confused after the migration... from XE skills, combos, Grade-ranks at the end of battles... to ... Premiere version.

Also, what's the end-game gear for Lynn? So that I can skill up the masteries for the orange gear.

It'd be great if someone could help me catch up! <3.


  • Order5Order5
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    Lynn is still the same "10-stack-BOOM!" character. Rising Dragon is typically only used in cooperation with other party members' hold skills, but I'll name some other times I've used it.

    --Instant Interrupt--
    If you don't have 10 stacks on the boss to flinch with Iron Flag but need an interrupt IMMEDIATELY on a boss like Havan, then Rising Dragon trumps Jade Fox Flying Snow due to the instantaneous lockdown. However, the issue with this gamble is that Rising Dragon is very prone to missing and has a random fail rate on par with Evie's Meteor Swarm (glitches that have yet to be fixed).

    --Extra Invulnerability--
    Even if the boss is immune to hold skills, Rising Dragon still gives you about 2 seconds of invulnerability during its initial cast, so you can spend 1000 SP on Rising Dragon just to survive a hit. A good example of this is skipping Muir's mini-game. However, I will point out that Jade Fox gives 1 second of invulnerability on activation, so often times Jade Fox would be the better option, followed by Transformation.

    --SP Efficiency--
    >With a lot of attack speed (50+) and a Greater Mysterious Cat Statue, and/or have all the talents that boost SP generation in Transformation, then you will almost always generate more SP than your Jade Fox cooldown. So you could always burn your next 1000 SP on a random Rising Dragon, seems like an obvious enough choice with a reasonable excuse.
    >If you're one of the people that just blows all your SP and Swift Assassins in a big fat Jade Fox Flying Snow combination, then you're actually wasting SP. Instead, you can use Rising Dragon first, then pop all your stacks to regenerate SP, then use Jade Fox Flying Snow.
  • BreadmanBreadman
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    Pretty much still the same. Guillotine whenever possible but not too greedy with it. Basically use whatever fits in openings.
    Looks and sounds simple but many still over extend and just outright miss their Guillotines and end up doing 0 damage instead, or get hit.

    Lynn's ult is kinda meh, considering it easily whiffs and how much she drains SP between Fox, Devils, and Flags.
    If you're running with a group and chain locks, then go for it. Otherwise, I don't really see me using it much.
    I like using it at the last bar in Eochaid, though. Just so the party can DPS him faster and avoid ceiling BS.

    Level 90 stuff all have the same stats, so anything goes. I'd probably get light/cloth helm and pants due to light enchants being better with those 2 parts, but the rest is whatever you want/have available because enchants for the other pieces do not differ very much between the weight classes. 2 3pc set bonus is the same as 1 6pc set bonus.
  • LaharLahar
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    Nothing special.

    It's a one time use move. If you have the meter to waste go ahead and use it.