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Private Guild Channel:

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Private Guild Channel:

For 100k NX, the guild master is able to buy a license that offers a private channel for an own channel for his/her guild. When opening the license, you will have to write down the number of the channel you want to buy. The available channels are 9 - 200 (or perhaps create more?)

Guilds who want to share a channel:
Each guild have to buy the license. The one who bought the channel first will be the owner. When another guild want to be in the same channel and opens the license. The Owner of the channel receive an application to accept or reject. The license will only disappear when the channel is free or got accepted by another guild.
All guild members can still go to other channels. But only the channels that have been bought by a guild, can only allow access for members of that guild.

If a friend want to visit the channel of a guild:
They can search for the guilds name, there is an option to send a request. If this request has been accepted means this person will have access to the channel.

Guild Rooster:
There is a list with all members shown in it. So maybe add a list with the names of players who have been grand access to the guild channel?

Many guilds would like to own a channel. Vindictus is our world, our place to be in. We want to share it with those we like to be with.
With my idea for a Private Guild Channel License is good for the following things:
- Guilds finally have their own place.
- Peace for players, to find shelter from those who annoy / bully them.
- Avoiding of reports of people provoking each other because they are able to meet up in a same channel.
- Avoiding drama between members from different guilds.
- Avoid the irritation of guilds fighting for a channel, no more insulting and drama.
- A good reason to join a guild for.
- To stimulate the socialization between guild members.
- ch 1 will be more crowded again! To many people want to get the center of our economy back. Filled with people selling and buying.
- Perfect way for Nexon to earn some good money.
If this idea will come true, it will bring Erinn closer to us.

P.s. I'd like to reserve a channel already, which i told in a ticket request: 392606

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