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Can we have a Wardrobe/Armory feature in vindictus

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With the Wardrobe you can select, combine and dye all armors in the game and try on all the different looks you can make, just so you can plan ahead on your fashion senses. The player could easily check certain outfits/gear to see the best fit for his look after he commit the gold on it.
This suggestion come to me because sometimes when dying your gear, sometimes the color doesnt combine because of some parameter of the material (usually the more recent gear tend to be more detailed and shiny than older gear).
In the same sense, an armory could be used to check the min maxing of gears, enchants and enhances on specific sets (like the one on vindictus manual).


  • RivaRiva
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    For such a fashion-centric game the dye and outfitter system is a joke

    You should be able to swap armors and outfits inside of the dye shop and be able to see different dyes at the same time, including using only one dye to see the entire outfit/parts in the same colour.
  • SefSef
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    +1 to this.
  • CessaCessa
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    Requested thirty million and one times before. Nexon literally doesn't care.
    Why? They make money on you guessing how things would look like before you buy dye ampoules.