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Need ur help guys

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Hi all!
Yesterday i've downloaded new client and when i clicked to play - *Game launch blocked. You'r attempting to access from outside of ur service area*. After that i went forum and found this topic : https://support-vindictus.nexon.net/hc/en-us/articles/115000126426-Migrated-Account-to-Global-Nexon-Service-but-can-t-access-Vindictus .
They say that i *still have to use the European Vindictus Client to access Vindictus before the Migration. Attempting to use the Global Client will cause an "Out of Service" Error message to appear.* But i deleted my eu version client before. Pls, can u tell me where i can find eu client to download?
P.S. I was playing from Ukraine without using proxies and etc(account was created before block) and didn't see any notes about blocking accounts after migration.


  • PurePure
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    Let's just hope for the best. For now it doesn't look good. These are countries from the old region block list:


    They don't seem to be included here:

  • BKeiBKei
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    I know that my country is banned. But i created my acc before ip block and played without proxy after that. And now, after migration, i can't play, but i didn't see any notifications about blocking accounts, that were created before block.
  • LordSuizidLordSuizid
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    Well then you went lucky that u didnt get a block. it has nothing to do with creating an acc before the ip block. the country is blockd.