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Old school player

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Hello rookies. Im a old school player and wanna go back. Tell me wich class its best for solo oraz max. 4 ppl party. Ofc dmg and survival in battle its impprtatnt but game play a stylish fighter its needed too :) I like that classes:
Karok Cestus
Hurk GS
Vella TS
When i quit game i play with Cestus and have sentiment to him ^^


  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    best solo class is vella ts and fiona longsword. that said, cestus is a great choice for both solo and party play especially with clash.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    i agree vella ts is the best for solo , chains in party
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    Welcome back! :)
  • CallMeMrBCallMeMrB
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    Thx. Im playing right now with Vella TS but its a little bit boring... Cestus Karok its good choice for solo and still have good dmg?
  • 7thRonin7thRonin
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    Hurk is good, but boring imo.
    Karok is good Pillar or Cestus imo.
    Vella is good, but also boring imo.
    X-Gun kai is good, but I've never played him much.
    Sylas is good imo, but he can be a bit squishy if you need practice with him (equivalent to spear lann in the good ole days)
    Arisha I don't play.
    Delia I don't play.
    Fifi I don't play.
    Evie I don't play.
    Lann is okay assuming you're using swords.

    I'd say pick 2 or 3 and level them to somewhere around 50-60 so that you unlock most of their combat skills and just find one you like playing the best. Nearly any character will become op with enough time and effort and rng luck. Soloing or running 4man raids can be done with any character even if your stats are low if you take the time to learn your character, learn the bosses, and get good. I understand no one wants to waste time building a character they won't play, but imo it's an even bigger waste of time and effort to build and fully gear a character someone else said you should build only to discover you enjoy playing someone else more.