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Unclear question >NX sell = ban now?

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As the title says, I still wasnt able to figure if Nx selling is now bannable for us or not? Ppl are just randomly saying "it is, it's not" can't find any official Info about that.


  • kyushinokyushino
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    edited February 16, 2017
    I hope that helps +sigh so as it seems selling nx is not bannable
  • DNAnthraXDNAnthraX
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    Back then there were some folks from here claiming that NX selling is illegal. Well, good news i guess.
  • PoppyBrosJrPoppyBrosJr
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    I shall clarify:
    It is against the rules
    The rules are not enforced

    so do what u want.,
  • Meerkat007Meerkat007
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    Now if buy/sell NX by gift system is considered trading, players will be protected by Nexon staff on scamm cases ?

    All the best
  • PurePure
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    This makes me happy that we can still be given gifts.
  • LordSuizidLordSuizid
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    its still not protected, it wasnt before so its not now either. but atleast its allowed
  • xCyclonusxCyclonus
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    People somehow (with a few exceptions) became more trusty and serious in this matter. That helps a lot actual and future NX traders which is good for some f2p players.
  • Order5Order5
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    In case people haven't seen the thread in General Discussion, I am linking it here: http://forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/3064/eu-trade-supply-depot-s-items-for-gold-on-mega
    Ehgess wrote: »
    Trades using ONLY in-game currency is allowed. "Gifting" for gold is permitted; however, we cannot enforce this trade between players and you do so at your own risk.

    We strongly recommend you use existing marketplace features to avoid such risks.