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♬ *Aeon* a Guild, a Community, a Family! ツ

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to our guild's thread! Aeon is a guild, that was created to gather the coolest, nicest and the best Vindictus loving players, to form a community with a pleasing and comfy atmosphere! for fun! for Peace! for entertainment!... for FUN AGAIN!

* What do we offer you?

- We got various great hosts for guild runs, raids and dungeons!
- Help with various subjects, such as: dungeons, guidance and giving tips for your own benefit!
- Fun guild atmosphere. active guild mates, active as in at battles and as for chatting!
- We got a Guild storage you can use!
- We have also collected sets for Set Titles, so the guild mates can have all their Set titles easily! because that's what we do! we are willing to help in any way possible! Hue!

* What are our recruiting requirements?

- Main character is a must.
- A nice and a friendly person.
- Active player.
- Decent understandable English for communication with the other guild mates.
- [Lv.60] and above.

* What do we expect from you, as a Guild mate?
- We expect you to be a nice, a friendly, a polite and respectful person towards everyone.
- Act maturely, be responsible no matter the situation.
- Helpful to your guild mates when you can help.
- Do not do anything that might ruin the guild image, such as: insulting your guild mates or other Vindictus players, hacking, scamming or gold buying... in case any of these things happens, you will be kicked out from the guild and will be reported to the GMs.
- Say "Hey" when logging in, say "See you!" when logging out, to keep the lovely nice atmosphere between us the guild mates! :3

* How to apply to the guild?

- Simply Apply to the guild and contact one of the leaders!

* Guild Leaders:

- AmeliaFrost

* We also got:

- Secured Teamspeak channel for the guild!
- Facebook group & Facebook group chat, to stay in touch with your mates even when away from Vindictus!
- Some of us also use Skype when it's only 2 - 3 are up to talk!

*NOTE* Any member of 30 days or more of inactivity, will be released from the guild, Unless... he/she have a reason and informed the leaders! *

See you soon! in-game!... ;) Fun is awaiting! ^-^


  • KrezzzKrezzz
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    wait did you manage to get into the game? earlier you posted about being locked out of it in the support forums
  • FrostUnknownFrostUnknown
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    edited February 16, 2017
    I'm still waiting for them to add Israel to the service as it was belogging legally to Vindictus EU since forever, in the meanwhile, the guild will continue it's daily life without me not being present for a few days (hopefully a few days lol)... :)
  • DeacisDeacis
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    Bumpy bump, or something like that