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Vindictus can break your speakers

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TL:DR the raid of keaghan and shakar can break your speakers.
so.... I hoped this wasn't a thing but, It's painfully obvious in the new raid, this game audio mix is horrible and DOESN'T HAVE A LIMITER, wich means that, if you run the latest raid (keghan and shakar) the keaghan ground aoe attack(that got doubled for some reason) MAKES SO MUCH NOISE it hurted my hears and the game is REALLY low on volume on my sistem, this means that vindictus doesn't have an audio limiter that ensures :
1:the audio is well mixed
2: freaking sounds wont break your speakers.
Is it hard to put a MASTER LIMITER OF -6db???????? is it really that hard to do ???? I advice to check this fast before you get tons of complains of broken audio equipment


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    Yeah, that blast in Keaghan has been broken for years. I have no idea why they've never fixed it other than pure laziness.