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AÖÜß censored - canst start Succu-queen in german

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edited February 17, 2017 in Bug Reporting
With the server-merge it became near impossible to have conversations in german as the often used and needed letters äöüß are not allowed to be written and result in the whole sentence to be not posted.

kämpfen - fight
Möchte jemand farmen - Somebody wanna farm?
Fünf - five.
groß - big

we kinda need those letters.
Specially as some runs use those letter in their title - and without renaming the boat the run can not be started.


  • EhgessEhgess
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    Thanks for reporting the issue. We'll work on getting this resolved.
  • FrozenHydraFrozenHydra
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    I feel that proble too. I'm running the game in English so starting boat is no problem. But having a conversation in Swedish is impossible. Sure if it was for general chat or Megaphone if people don't wanna see our Å, Ä and Ö. But really, why can't we pm friends in our language... Talking English to a Swedish friend is just ridiculous. Please let us use our normal letters.