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Bug Reporting forums suggestions

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Please consider reorganizing the Bug Reporting forum like the EU forums format, shown here:

This change would help both players and staff keep track of what issues are being worked on, which ones need more information, etc. Right now all we have is the occasional staff post claiming that the issues are being looked into, followed by silence on the matter until the issue is fixed or just indefinite silence. In recent topics around here one of the major reoccurring complaints from the players is lack of of transparency from Nexon. Being more visibly active in the section where the players are trying to help figure out how to fix things would be a great way to work on that.

I also ask that you try things like working with the players on the forums by asking for more information, or offering advice and information of your own pertaining to bugs so that we have some idea as to what progress is being made and what temporary workarounds to bugs are confirmed to work and encouraged. I understand there are many stages in compiling information on in game issues and getting them to the developers to get them fixed, but you cannot deny that the level of communication around here, especially in Bug Reporting, is very lacking. Maybe the devs don't tell you guys anything, but should that really stop you from trying to be more helpful around here?

The Royal Army lag issue is a great example. It has not been acknowledged by staff on forums, and even though many have submitted tickets and been told it's being worked on, we also have someone claiming that a ticket response said that no one had complained about the issue at all. Don't you guys want to have the absolute answer to something as simple as, "Are you aware of the issue and working on it?" to be visible to everyone, and not just the people who have submitted tickets? Even if you didn't directly respond to it, shoving the thread into a "Needs More Info" or "Confirmed Bugs" section would help a lot in giving us an idea of what's going on. Right now that issue is just a frustrating mass of confusion due to the lack of communication on your part.