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lynn is bad


  • MixxiaMixxia
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    But she has little rat... (how I wish I had a block or skill like this on lann to make my golden god attempt so much easier).

    And to be fair, unless it's a Kai, comparing any other character to Scythie will make them look bad.

    Little rat has its bugs and drawbacks and not always ideal for golden god attempts. It can be good or very situational depending on what your fighting. Being hit while wind stepping or both dodging and then getting hit by the same attack while little ratting is no fun.
  • BreadmanBreadman
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    Cashews wrote: »
    It's not that she's bad, those others you mentioned are just too strong. If anything everyone else should be nerfed instead of buffing Lynn.
    You don't fix garbage by bringing everyone else down. Her dodge is still broken, the timing for her marks sucks, and her SP moves are poo; bad character is bad and you should feel badly for wanting everyone else to suffer as those who play her do.

    Her dodge is fine and the timing for her marks is also fine. It's a neat and unique concept (for this game anyway), and in most instances it would separate a "good Lynn" from a "bad Lynn." It's only problematic when you have a crappy connection. The real problem is that there's no reason to even have to do this in the first place, when you can play literally any other character with half the effort for double the reward.

    They dumbed everyone else down and didn't give Lynn the same treatment. They actually "smartened her up" by rewarding gold marks more and making them pretty much mandatory for respectable damage.

    For the most part, her dodge is fine. I have had 0 issues with it... until you try and do Neit. I've lost track of how many times I've gotten hit because his claw active frames extend further than my iframes.

    You also have to dodge away from some of Neam's attack because again, her active frames are much longer than your iframes. Add the fact that she has no good chase movement, and you'd be lucky to even hit her with fishpoles. Little rat would be super, if it wasn't an unreliable mess.

    I'd be the first one to complain when they dumb her down. I just wish all the effort was actually worth more and not just "oh hey you almost do as much damage as me!" says every other class.

    Yeah, it's ridiculously sad when my undergeared Delia does more dips on Neam compared to my almost capped Lynn. I don't even carry fangs on Delia due to how reliable her dodge and blocks are (and no I don't mean her seamless dodge block chain)
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Cashews wrote: »
    Mixxia wrote: »

    Her dodge is actually one of the worst in the game, but it doesn't really show until you get up to content where it actually matters. Her iframes on dodge are 0.4 sec which is really bad for a close range fighter. (compare to Lann 0.6 sec and can double it for example or a close/mid range fighter like scythe who can double blink) In terms of defensive abilities she has it a bit better than maybe xgun kai and that's about it? You can compare her to quite a few classes where she is worse in every category. (For example compared with an equally geared Scythe she has worse damage, mobility, survival, utility AND range and has better......? )

    Are you certain her dodge is only 0.4? Arisha's skill only increases its duration by 0.1s, but it's far more than 0.1s total. Lynn would only have 0.4 if her base invulnerability time was 0.0 seconds, as the skill increases it by 0.42s at max rank.

    Either way even if it was only 0.4 sec that doesn't make it a bad dodge. It's worse than the other characters, and definitely makes some things a little trickier to dodge in comparison, but on its own it is a perfectly fine dodge and has no issues. I still hold that Lann never needed to even go up to 0.6 in the first place from his original 0.3. As I said, Lynn's kit as it stands individually is perfectly fine. Nothing is inherently broken about it except maybe Little Rat or Zhen's jankiness with a bad connection (but this applies to many other characters' skills). It's when you compare it to all the other characters that she falls behind because they all got dumbed down and she didn't.

    I wasn't arguing against her being bad relative to the rest of the cast. I was pointing out the flaw that Proto was saying in stating her individual assets are the reason for it. She's not bad because of her kit, she's bad because everyone else got powercreeped to hell.

    She's arbitrarily bad. Even with a great connection her dodge is not up to snuff for bosses like Lugh, Regina, etc., in S3. And nerfing everyone else down to her level isn't the way to make the game better. They nerfed Kai's dodge and for the most part the only ones who have praised it have been those who were salty about his kit. Let's not try and "fix" anyone else by making them as broken as Lynn.
  • CashewsCashews
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    Lugh and Regina are probably some of the most straightforward bosses in the entire game. Lugh has pretty much no combo attacks to be concerned about, and Regina's only threatening one is a red one that can't be dodged anyway (and it has a long-ass startup, so just get out of the way). If there's anyone in S3 her dodge wouldn't be up to snuff against it'd probably be Lord Glas due to how fast his combo attacks are. Either way, her problems go well beyond her dodge, and frankly have very little to do with it in the first place.

    I'm not saying that everyone should be nerfed back down. Just stating that the primary reason for her ineffectiveness is that pretty much everyone else had their amount of effort required reduced, while hers went up. And not even to achieve the same end results, at that.