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Anyone playing Nioh?

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Are you enjoying it? What are your gripes with the game? Have you beaten it? How fugly is William? How many bosses would you bang?


  • MetalDevil19MetalDevil19
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    It's not for the PC master race, so unfortunately, not me.
  • ThyNameIsSpazzyThyNameIsSpazzy
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    I'm planning on getting it once i resolve.... a current issue with my account on ps4.

    Planning on going blind and having a friend not "carry" me through it all.

    I'll probably transmog my armor to the knight set cuz why not

  • DrãoDrão
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    I played the demo and got pretty far (level 45ish) 'cause I just went all out on very hard mode.... apparently you could summon people, but I spent all my time farming the red spirits for armor and weapons.

    Although it was a fun game at the demo, I will not buy it because I don't want to spend $120 on a game (my online subscription expired)