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Few Suggestion that came to mind for Vindictus.

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GMs Vindictus doesn't have a big community and when people stream it. There is less than 50 viewers for the entire game. However, when the GMs stream, it reaches around 800-1000 views, only for vindictus channel. That is amazing. I love it. That shows me that there are people who are interested in the game. However, They soon quit after playing few hours because of the early difficulty of the game not to mention the huge amount of grinding you have to do. Also people tend to quit after breaking their highest enhance weapon. so call "rage quit" I understand the feeling since i blown many weps too and then rage quit blowing all my entire gear. Yet again i came back to this amazing game. There are three suggestion i would like to make. Maybe people done it before if so please post the link here to i can read their suggestions.

First, People getting NX is beneficial for the game. Here is a suggestion for early game. Allow people to spend NX to clear a sub quest instantly. This would help the early game for players and not consume a lot of time while trying to lv up their character. (please make it reasonable)

Second, People always try to enhance and break their only weapon. Restoration with AP is limited to 1 time. If possible it would be fine to allow unlimited time of restoration with a penalty of double AP cost each time is restore. This would strongly make people farm AP and buy AP caps from NX depo.

Third, Guild are awesome. We have a nice storage for extra space and guild bonus when we party with guild members. Lovely, I would like to see Guild Emblems, if possible animated emblems. Or even customs made by Guild master. This would cost NX ofc. and it will attract players to make their guild look cool. Make it similar, as an extra chracter or cost of a storage guild should be good enough.

I apologize for the grammar. Ty for reading. <3
Please don't hesitate to give feedback about the suggestion. I would like to know why is good idea or why is a bad idea. Even better if You have suggestion of you own post it here too. thanks.

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  • CessaCessa
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    A good weapon will be over 25k AP to restore already.
    The only way to get over 50k AP is to level up skills, reset, and then try again.
    That's just not worthwhile at all and doesn't make playing the game fun as you reset your skills every try.

    Not to mention that only 4 tries in many people will be unable to enhance anymore so that's pretty much pointless. At least that's nice that Vella can have an AP cap of over 212k AP. But others cap at around 110k.

    I think a +12 Regina weapon I did once required 32k AP to reset.
    At four tries it'd need 256k AP to reset.
    It's stupid to think anyone would have so much time to be grinding out that much AP all the time or that it's worthwhile to spend so much money on AP capsules.

    And NX to complete subquests? Really? Don't do it. Or come back later and do it. Or don't do it at all. It's not even a grind until you hit level 65 or 68ish. My Delia still has a bunch of her subquests incomplete because I didn't care about them. She's been doing S3 raids for the last 5 months and only just yesterday I finally decided to go back and do that Colru subquest to give Gallagher his magic infused stone. lol

    And no to Guild icons that require NX. If anything, increase in Guild storage space. We don't need it. Who has quit Vindictus because they couldn't put a picture in for a guild icon in Vindictus? Probably no one.
    Who has quit because they blew up their only weapon trying to enhance higher than +10? Probably a lot. A hell of a lot of people.
  • NoburoNoburo
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    1. You're asking for a feature to allow people to pay to experience less gameplay of a game they may not have even played through yet. I don't get it. If it's for people who've played already, they can make a story skip option like in the level rush events available to accounts that have at least one character caught up on story. NX does not need to be part of the formula here.

    2. They'd need to remove the AP cap to accommodate for this change, but I'd definitely welcome it. People will still complain though, as with the enhancement rng you easily could see people hitting 200k AP restoration costs on a weapon without getting close to +15. I'd like to see a more drastic overhaul of the gearing system, but this is a nice temporary fix to the current system that will tone down the community butthurt a bit.

    3. I like this one the most, played lots of games with custom guild/clan emblems and seen some really nice creativity from the community through them. If they have an issue with profane guild emblems they just need to moderate the game more actively or set up an approval system for it. I'm still seeing the same guy on east make boats with swear filter dodging titles after 3 years, they definitely need to step up their game a bit or else we're gonna have servers full of wiener emblems immediately after this is implemented. And again, NX doesn't need to be part of an addition like this, they can increase the guild level cap and make it part of a new set of rewards for hitting level 30. That way you can't just make a new guild or spend 5 bucks to remake your guild emblem with no punishment.

    If they want people to spend more NX, instead of implementing more NX blocked features, they need to improve their service and convince players like me that the game is worth money again. I'm heavily invested timewise in the game but refuse to spend until something is done about glaring issues that affect my gameplay that they can't seem to be assed to work on.
  • OsmarHOsmarH
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    Nice feedback.
    First, how about making it Only Non-Main characters able to skip sub quest ? This will make people actually Make first timers do the stories and it won't be much help for early new players. Guess that is a no?

    Second, alright i get that we need unlimited AP storage. How about increase the storage by NX item shop?

    Third, I agree we do need this magical emblem :D