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Vella Cross Stance bug

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edited March 3, 2017 in Bug Reporting
I've been suffering throughout raids from a bug that's become common to Vella recently (I think from February 1st maintenance), and here is how it goes... :c

I'm a really good player usually (not praising myself), but nowadays, it happens that when a boss is going to attack, I cross stance, but crosscut won't happen, and so I simply take the hit... This bug is really getting annoying to me, especially that it causes me to die even more in Neamhain raids :'( I heard it happens to some other Twin Sword Vellas, so I guess it could be a common bug to some other players. It is getting pretty out of hand to me when I more into raids, so please look out for bug fix! +fight

P.S. Heart of ice quick activation (Left-click during Hailstorm) not working too, and I know it consumes SP, I tried so many times Q.Q

(Update, March 3rd, 2017)

Nowadays, it is getting on my nerves that those "deaf stances", as I call them, are getting more recurring to me. I am dying more often (Mostly Abomination and Neamhain), and I only feel like I'm playing an untrustworthy class that radonmly doesn't act as I intend to. Just to make sure, as I hear people saying Vella is getting worse (buggier), and hoping more people check this thread:
  1. Does this bug happen to any other of you players on Vella?1 vote
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